Radiology - Professional Billing Fee 6.5% of gross collections
Radiology - Global Billing Fee 3% of gross collections
Orthopedic - Billing Fee 4% of gross collections
Internal Medicine - Billing Fee 4.5% of gross collections

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Personalized Attention

Catamount makes it easier for you to access patient demographics and medical reports electronically.

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Cash Flow

We provide ongoing internal compliance audits and documentation of the deficiencies.

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Charge Auditing

We create unique audit (electronic or manual) methods put in place based on the ability of the hospital.

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No Lock Box Fees

Our in-office scanner saves clients an average of $5,000-$30,000 on a yearly basis.

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If you want a personalized and detailed approach to your billing and coding needs, contact us today to inquire about our rates and services so you can devote your time attention on patient care and growing your practice.

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